As the name indicates, each holster is a simple design, but also very rugged and will protect the firearm while you are out in the field or carrying concealed. We use full grain cowhide Double shoulders to build most of our holsters. We do have a limited amount of exotics. We use heavy duty nylon thread. size 277 and 346. Our Holsters are hand molded around each type of firearm to provide a snug fit and hold it in place whether you are riding horse back, on your 4-wheeler, snow machine, fly fishing or hiking on a trail through the woods. Our leather can be dyed a rich cordovan, black and then top coated with a satin clear coat to further protect the leather. We also offer an oiled tan (natural) with a clear top coat.  All models of holsters have been field tested and perfected by the owner, customers, friends, hunting partners and family. Most of our holsters do not require snaps or straps for field retention purposes. They are closely molded to a specific model of pistol. They will surpass the “One G test” of combat competition. In other words, you can wear the holster and tip upside down, fall off your horse, out of a canoe, or just stumble in the brush and the pistol will stay in place. A friend of ours even did the ultimate holster test: He walked and swam with his holstered 686, while chasing a run away jet boat. Our holster retained his gun. For more examples of the retention capabilities look at the customer testimonials page.

Rob has been using his Sourdough holsters for several years while hunting hiking and fishing in Alaska, Idaho & Arizona-they retain his guns and keep them secure.

Most of the Simply Rugged Holsters™ are of the pancake design, the gun being held firmly between two pieces of leather the wide set belt slots hold the gun in close to your body and apply tension to the gun. It is a very stable design concept; the gun rides with your body, it becomes part of you, and does not flop around. This provides good retention and concealment, which causes less fatigue for the user. We developed the “Inside/Out,” add on belt loops.  They allow you to quickly and inexpensively convert your holster to a secure, comfortable, IWB holster.

We offer a conversion system that allows you to carry your belt holster on your chest or under your arm: “The Chesty Puller,” named after the most highly decorated Marine in the 20th Century.

For a more traditional design we make the 120, styled after the George Lawrence Company’s timeless field holster. Elmer Keith contributed to the design, requesting a long tail on the retention strap for a more positive hold on the strap.  Allowing you to chop up and release the snap, while the hand continues to grasp the gun.

For competition and range use, we developed the Cattleman an easier packing, low cut holster, with easy to holster capabilities.

Customer service is the most important part of our business. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, if you need adjustments, or repairs we will gladly make them.

Thanks for taking a look. E-mail us with any questions you may have.

Rob and Jan Leahy, owners